Clients using candidate experience marketing

NH Hotel Group and Philadelphia Zorg are amongst our clients who have been using the Candidate Experience Marketing® model succesfully, supported by our experts.

Study case NH Hotel Group
A leading hotel chain, NH Hotel Group, is well aware of the fact that all applicants are potential guests and has therefore integrated the new candidate experience marketing model in their candidate journey. Search & Co Group is helping NH to positively influence their applicants view on the organization.

NH also continuous measure the candidate experience and ask how the applicants experienced the employer brand. This feedback is then used to improve the service towards NH applicants. All rejected candidates are given a special discount code as a token of appreciation for the time and effort they have put in to their application. Despite candidates being rejected they thank NH for their excellent candidate experience. Most applicants want to stay in touch by becoming part of the NH ambassadors network.

The number of positions filled by candidates who are part of this ambassadors network or recommended by this network is growing. It shows that the need for external recruitment agencies and paid advertisements is decreasing. At the same time the positive image is also growing. The company is now able to find the right people for the right job much quicker without increasing their recruitment budget.

Study case Philadelphia Zorg
Search & Co Group supports Philadelphia Zorg by handling the recruitmentproces. Our recruiter deals with all digital applications using our candidate experience marketing model. The candidate experience of all rejected applicants is measured. An important final question is if they would like to become a volunteer of Philadelphia. Philadelphia is challenged finding volunteers and realizes that every applicant is also a potential volunteer.

Rejected candidates want to stay in touch with the organization and respond positively when asked if the would also like to beome a volunteer. Despite being rejected candidates show appreciation for their positive candidate experience. Most candidates want to join the ambassador network and help Philadelphia improve their image by sharing their experiences.