Open source applicant tracking system

The candidate experience model is supported by our open source system aimed at creating the perfect candidate experience . This system has been developed with a view to efficiency and effectiveness in the recruitment process.

The Applicant Tracking System - that we separately run under the name Recruity - makes it possible to handle large numbers of applications in a personal manner. Within a few simple steps you can email hundreds of candidates in a very personal way. And easily keep them posted on a weekly basis. Networks of interesting candidates will grow rapidly and are easy to maintain.

Moreover, Recruity automatically maintains a personal file of all the candidates. It is fully focused on easy operation and retention of knowledge . Through the construction of knowledge about candidates personal files will not be lost after a recruiter leaves your organization . All contacts and information about individual applicants is stored in this system and accessible to fellow recruiters and hiring managers.

Naturally, we assist our clients in the use and optimization of Recruity . We will order the system according to the ‘candidate experience marketing’-model so that your recruiters can focus on finding the right candidates and giving them the ultimate experience. And will provide adequate support through our own helpdesk.

Have an ATS already? No problem , the ‘candidate experience marketing’-model is independent of the underlying software . We will help you to use your system more effectively so that you can benefit working according to our CEM®-model.