Sharing economy

The labour market has finally become transparent thanks to the sharing economy and initiatives as Glassdoor. Marketeers are forced to turn over the brand experience to the community and let them define it.

Recent studies done by the Intelligence Group have shown that 78% of all candidates are influenced by experiences of others.

23% of all applicants do not receive a confirmation in The Netherlands. Once you did get an answer, 34 percent will not be notified when they did not get the job. It is not a surprise that candidates in The Netherlands give an average of 5.3 for their candidate experience.

The big risk here is that a negative candidate experience has huge consequences for the company. 50% of all applicants will share their negative experience with others and 82% will not recommend the company anymore. Approximately 76% will never want to work at this company or buy products and services when they have heard of negative experiences.

Not surprisingly that you can influence this important target audience of candidates in a positive way by giving them the ultimate experience.