What we can do for you

The labour market has finally become transparent thanks to the sharing economy. Marketers are forced to turn over the brand experience to the community and let them define it.

Recent studies have shown that if candidates are treated as clients they remain or become more enthusiastic about your company. They will be more tempted to buy your products and services and share their positive experiences with others. We help companies to influence their brand in a positive way during the candidate journey.

We are able to do this by treating all your candidates in the best possible way, even when they are rejected. This will create a positive image of your organization and perhaps more importantly: they will share these positive experiences with former colleagues, friends and family. We can help you turn your candidates into brand ambassadors of your organization.

We are a specialized recruitment marketing agency with proven results in:

  • candidate journey optimization
  • innovative employer branding & job marketing
  • candidate experience webcare (rpo)
  • candidate experience survey (including a national benchmark)
  • building and engaging with targeted communities
  • alumni recruitment